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My musical career started at the tender age of 5 years. The washing powder and Tupperware containers from my mom had to serve there already for my instinctive to drum. Three years later my parents and grandparents saw that not every other day new boxes and Tupperware containers can be acquired and could also hear the talent and rhythmic skills of me (then eight years old). So I got my first drum kit (a black Maya) placed under the Christmas tree! Thus began the evils its course... to the classical education for grades and first live experiences in the orchestra, I started in 1993 with my first bands (Thrash metal).

Until 1998 i played with several regional bands (e. g. Acid, Cryonix (CH), The Lie) I started 1999 my professional career with the german Thrash Metal legends Destruction. After a few live shows and the big Festivals like Wacken, Full Force and BYH in 99, the reunion album, "All Hell Breaks Loose" (Nuclear Blast) was published in 2000. After numerous tours and the successor album "The Antichrist" (Nuclear Blast), I left the band in October 2001 to spend more time with my family, starting a new job and my new band "Jesus Chrysler Super Skunk".

"... The loudest no!", The first album of JCS came out in November 2005 on Dioxzion Records (Twilight Distr.) and called out very good reviews. It was an amazing time for me and my friends! Due to some personal issues from my side and after seven years I left Jesus Chrysler Superskunk. They split up in 2007.

ABANDONED - 2008 - 2009But beeing without a band lasts not long! In early 2008, I joined the German thrash hopefuls ABANDONED, which were at this time signed by Dockyard1 and put out already two excellent Thrash Metal album! We joined several gigs together. Unfortunately, both parties had to find that the distance to each other and my business schedule were not compatible with a fulfilling, creative process. Early 2009, both parties went their separate ways in friendship.

Currently I'm drumming (since 2009) at the Swiss power metal institution MEGORA. The absolute highlight was here in 2012, our commitment to the 70,000 Tons of Metal festival. A cruise from Miami to the Cayman Islands, 42 bands, 2000 metal fans. This year it focuses on the reunion gigs in March. The new record will be finished by the end of the year. CD release party will be held in April 2014... finally :-)

POLTERGEIST... 2013 - NOWAND... 2013 will be under a musical point of view a year of resurrection. In August 2013 I started to rehearse with my friends V.O. Pulver, André Grieder and Marek Felis known together as "POLTERGEIST". This Reunion is not my first one as you surely know ;-)... But this will be again THRASH METAL for me since 2007! I really looking forward to it!

But this won't be my last surprise! :-) In 2014 i have some more news!

Stay tuned... be surpirsed.




P.S.:No!... I'm not coming back to Destruction! :-)...



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